Pastor's Message

2021. A new year – A new hope?    

Time passes so quickly. In fact, time moves at the same rate but seems to pass so quickly! We are now well into 2021 and a new year gives an opportunity to look back and also to consider plans in going forward. But at the present time both these are hard to do. This coronavirus pandemic has taken over much of our lives our thinking, and may leave you with bad memories of the past year, and also fearful for the future. Perhaps, as you think about the future, all there seems to be is uncertainty. So, what can you do? Is there any hope for the future?

The answer is Yes. There is hope. God gives hope. The Bible gives hope. The Bible tells that unexpected catastrophes, like floods and fires and epidemics will come on the earth. The Bible tells that these are warnings from God and also that in the ‘last times’ most people will ignore these warnings as they have no thought or prayer to God and do not acknowledge Him as their creator.

But what about you? Will you take notice of God and His warnings? A warning is a good thing. It can mean that you change your mind and perhaps stop doing something that would be disastrous. This warning is a call to consider God, to consider the message of the Bible, a call to seek God’s forgiveness and be reconciled to Him by coming to the Saviour who is Jesus Christ. This warning of the pandemic points us to hope for the future.

How can you take notice of this warning? The Bible tells that Jesus Christ has opened a way of salvation by suffering and dying for sinful people on the cross at Calvary. To trust in this Jesus, to be sorry for your sin is to receive from Him a new and eternal life. This gives real hope for the future. You are always welcome to come along to church, to contact and ask any questions and I shall try and help you.

May God be with you for 2021.

Pastor Paul Relf