Welcome To Enon Baptist Church

We are a group of people who meet together to worship God. We are concerned for one another and those who live around us. We believe the Bible to be God’s Word that is relevant to all areas of our life. In particular we have a personal belief in Jesus Christ and through him have a real relationship with God.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3 verse 16 NKJV)



Christmas is a time to think about Jesus Christ. The question to consider is…

Do you get Christmas?

Have you ever struggled to work something out with technology, perhaps on a mobile phone or a tablet? Then  a child comes along and says something like “you don’t get it do you?” You have to agree that you don’t get it and you would like their help. This year, as Christmas approaches, ask yourself … do you get Christmas?

Now some people look forward to Christmas. It is the decorations, presents, food and family which they enjoy. So they enjoy getting to Christmas. Others are not so keen and aim just to get through Christmas and hope they will come out the other side without too much hassle or expense. But which ever way you look at it there is more to getting Christmas than this.

Perhaps you know something about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus, the shepherds and the wise men with their gifts. Yes the Bible tells about these but there is more to getting Christmas than the basic facts.

You see Jesus was a special baby. Many years before the prophets had told that He would be born at Bethlehem and He was! He had come with a purpose which was to save people from their sin so they could go to heaven. This was good news, told by the angels when Jesus first came, and it is still good news today.  A Christian has responded to this news and they are trusting Jesus Christ to make them right with God. They get Christmas because they know the Jesus Christ of Christmas. Why not come along to our church and find out more?