Pastor's Message


Do you have Fears and Questions?

For many weeks now our lives have been changed.  The news headlines and our conversations have focused almost totally on the pandemic.  Perhaps you or someone you know has had the disease or you know of someone who has died.  You may have been furloughed, or even lost your job.   Are you fearful of going out and catching the virus?   Are you worried about life returning to so called ‘normal’? In short you may well have many fears.

Then, with those fears, come more questions.  When will this end?  What about my future and my children?  Perhaps you have some deeper questions – Why has this happened?  Is there a God? Is God judging us? The Bible gives the answers.  From the Bible we know that God knows what is happening.   We know that sometimes God brings big things into our lives to make us stop and think. The Bible calls us to be sorry for turning our back on God and His commands.

If we repent, God promises to forgive our sins and give us peace.  Some may ask, “How can we have peace at a time like this?”  The Bible tells us that peace is available through Jesus Christ.  He came and made peace by dying on the cross to take away God’s anger. It tells that all who put their trust in Jesus Christ will have this peace. Jesus said, ‘My peace I give to you … Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.’  Do you want this peace? Come and find out more at Enon Baptist Church.